Kırsal Turizm Açısından Turizm Hukukundaki Yaptırımlar

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  • Efe DÜNDAR


1618 Sayılı yasa, 2634 sayılı yasa, turizm hukuku, yaptırım.


The purpose of our study is to evaluate the subject of legal sanctions which are regulated within the scope of tourism law. The resources of tourism law are divided into two as National and International sources. The Constitution regulates the national sources of law, regulation, ministerial council decision, circular, notification and approval of authority. Bilateral agreements and multilateral agreements constitute the international resources of Tourism Law. The sanctions for tourism law in the framework of legislation are also divided into two; administrative and judicial sanctions. The application of administrative sanctions is regulated and implemented by the supervisory staff or the ministry authority in the light of the subjective conditions required by the decision. Law on Tourism Promotion No. 2634 and Law on Travel Agents and Travel Agents No. 1618 on administrative sanctions regulated within the scope of the law; warnings, administrative fines, penalty for cancellation of documents and penalties for penalties for the activity. The sanctions to be imposed on the courts and powers of the courts, except administrative sanctions which are enforced by the law within the legislation, are regulated as judicial sanctions. 3634 of Law No. 2634 and Article 30 of Law No. 1618. These penalties and imprisonment penalties constitute penalties. These materials will be examined and evaluatedseparately in my work.




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