Kırsal Turizm Kapsamında Sivas’ın Yöresel Mutfağı

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  • İlker ÖZTÜRK
  • Volkan ARIKAN


Rural Tourism, Sivas, local food


In this study, Sivas city which is one of the most outstanding examples of Central Anatolia Region and whose history dates back to 8000 years ago in BC, Sivas regional cuisine and the foods belonging to this kitchen are examined in the scope of rural tourism. Gastronomic tourism is a rising tourism type in recent times. This kind of tourism which has made very profitable with low cost has increased its importance in terms of tourism activities in recent years. In the world's Creative Cities Network, where 47 cities from 33 countries are included, Gaziantep has become the ninth city on the Gastronomy list in 2016 by UNESCO with its rich variety of cuisine. It is also known that on the Eastern Express Tours, which have become a brand in recent times especially by social media users, the people who take the tour have called the famous food of the illinois on the route before arriving the destination. The Sivas Köftesi (Sivas Köftesi), which belongs to Sivas, which is also on the Eastern Express route, is registered in 2011 by the Turkish Patent Institute and is one of the unique flavors of the Sivas regional cuisine. When gastronomic tourism is used effectively, it is seen how important it is in terms of development in tourism. In this context, Sivas is home to many different flavors in local cuisine; Düğülcek Soup, Katıklı Soup, Kesme Soup, Pancar Soup, Peskutan Soup, as well as Sübürâ, Pehli, Vegetable Meat, Meat with Onions, Çirli Meat, Kavurma Herlesi, Meetball, Fırında Kelle, Etli Yaprak Sarması, Pancar Sarması, Şalgam Dolması, Turşu
Mıhlaması, Pezik-Dal Turşusu, Kırdök, Madımak Yemeği, Madımak Cacığı, Hıngel, Kavurma Eriştesi, Yumurta Eriştesi, Ezentereli Çörek,
Fırın Katmeri, Sivas Kazan Simidi, Mantı (Su Böreği), Peynirli Helva, Hurma, Çörek, Karaş (Gara Aş), Sarığıburma, Grape Soup are all local
flavors. The purpose of the study is to introduce Sivas regional cuisine in the context of rural tourism, and in particular to make suggestions
for bringing these products to rural tourism.




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