Past, Present and Tomorrow of Baklava

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  • Aysenur AKKAYA
  • Banu KOC


Baklava, Historical Development of Baklava, Turkish Dessert


Turkish cuisine is influenced by various cultures and has a rich menu by influencing cultures. One of the leading products of the rich menu is the baklava. Baklava is defined as “a dough fresh made from very thin, made with peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. baked and sprinkled on it” by Turkish Language Institution. Although the baklava is traditional Turkish sweet, various countries accept the baklava as their own sweet. Therefore, in this study, to investigate the historical development of baklava and to examine how it is shaped today. Various literature sources have been searched fort his, research information has been reached through academic theses, journals and articles. As a result, it has been undestood that baklava is a Turkish sweet of Central Asia and that it is influenced by various cultures in taking shape today. In addition, it was understood that baklava would need human power to build baklava and if mechanization and technology develops, this will not be the case with baklava.




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