Rural tourism

An alternative way to deal with poverty in rural area

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  • Eriola Marius Charlot ADENIDJI Tarim Ekonomisi / Akdeniz üniversitesi


Rural tourism, rural development, alternative tourism, poverty, sustainable development.


The promotion of tourism is an important factor for economic growth and community development. It also appears as a poverty reduction tool in developing countries. Tourism brings opportunities, facilities, and empowerment too. Tourism also reduces economic shocks and favors the community welfare. However, it is a paradox to note that in countryside areas, the source of income and necessary infrastructures are lows. Even though tourism could assure in proper way revenue in those specific regions, generate sustainable development and alleviate considerably poverty. In this respect, the movement of typical tourists, from their urban area of residence to upcountry places (for a minimum period of a day for the sole purpose and leisure, etc.) could represent a solution for a sustainable activity to alleviate poverty. Consequently, This paper by a review of the literature figures out which asset is necessary to promote rural tourism. Also, the paper examines how rural tourism overcome deprivation through some well-known successful example. Furthermore, the possible link between rural tourism and rural poverty is discussed. The advantages of rural tourism as the solution to poverty alleviation have been emphasized.




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