2023 Türkiye Turizm Stratejisi Kapsamında Kırsal Turizmin Değerlendirilmesi

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  • Cihan DURSUN
  • Mesut DEMIRAL
  • Burhanettin ZENGİN
  • Orhan BATMAN


Alternative tourism types, 2023 Tourism Strategy, Rural Tourism


In recent years, Both tourist group in Turkey and World have started to prefer the tourism understanding of maritime, sand , and sun, as well as alternative tourism types too. One of these tourism types is rural tourism in which tourists act in rural areas containing plateaus, forests, recreation places. By providing to encourage the tourists to spending their times in the facilities of rural tourism where tourism is underdeveloped, thus this process creates extra found and enables much employment in these fields. According to this way, attention to the rural zones has started to get attractive and rural tourism takes significant place in Turkey’s tourism strategy. And with our tourism strategy named by ‘’2023 Turkey’s Tourism Strategy’’, Rural tourism which takes important role in tourism endustry as one of the alternative tourism types has unique facilities and recources to be able to supply the demands of tourists and it may participate in tourism significantly. It is important to determine the future plan of Turkey’s rural tourism. But for this, it is a must to apply the things what we have got about Turkey’s toursim possibilities. Additionally, There is another point emphasizing that Goverment should take precautions about rural tourism zones which are adaptable for tourism and these providing precautions are considerable for the sustainability of rural tourism. This research does not only exhibit the development and current state of rural tourism in tourism but also 2023 tourism strategy that is wanted to aplly by goverment. Besides, This study aims to analyze and discuss the future target of rural toursim.In this context, Discussing and handling the rural tourism with critical perspective in detail is the main purpose in this study.




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