Kırsal Turizm Kapsamında Gerçekleştirilen Kültür Turizmi: Divriği Ulu Camii ve Darüşşifası Örneği

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  • Fuat ATASOY
  • Serap İNCEÖZ
  • İlker ÖZTÜRK


Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital (Darush-shifa), post-modern tourist, rural tourism, Sivas.


The tourism sector is a sector that operates with many components and is therefore highly important for developing countries as a sector. Thereason for this is that the most important raw material source from sectoral equipment can be used without necessity of additional financialsin nature, culture, history, and the size of added value provided by it. With the understanding of local development, rural tourism, which is an important tourism type, can serve both rural development concept and play an active role in the sustainability of development. Rural tourismis a kind of tourism that can be easily blended with other types of tourism, if you are integrated with rural culture, natural environment and agriculture. Turkey, from east to west, from north to south has a geographic diversity that is extremely large. As a province, district and village
in terms of geographical location and establishment, it serves to tourism with rural cultures and heritage Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital (
The Darush-shifa) which is located in Sivas - Divriği which is a cultural shield with an important effect on sustainable rural development and
which is an important heritage for alternative tourism is on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1985 as well as being under the protection
of the Presidency of Turkish Republic. The most extraordinary structure of the Middle Age of Islam and this monumental building community
which admires the viewers since the 13rd century is a mosque consisting of mosque, darush-shifa and mausoleum. In addition to taking on
the duties of today's hospitals, darush-shifa was also used as a madrasas which was given positive and religious sciences during the Ottoman
period. The aim of the study was to promote the merit of Divriği Great Mosque and Darush-shifa, which is an important tourism products within
the context of rural tourism, and to ensure that its contributions to the country's economy and its value have been moved beyond many years.




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