Çevre Hakkı İhlallerinin Kırsal Turizm Açısından Önemi

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  • Berkan HAMDEMİR
  • Safiye Tansu KARAKURT


Environmental right, environmental pollution, rural tourism


The environmental right which comes to on international platforms in 1960s and is associated with the health right in the 56th article of the 1982 Constitution in Turkey can be defined as a human right that aims to protect and develop the environment that is the center of life of people and all other beings. Rural tourism can be defined as the whole of recreation that recreates tourism in the country which provides employment using natural, geographical and historical values in rural areas and opening small businesses by the local people living in the region. The subject of this study is to demonstrate the importance of environmental right in the aspect of rural tourism, which arises from the desire to move away from city life and to live a life with nature even for a period of people. The protection of forest, streams, rivers, rural areas and other natural and historical elements, which are basic elements of rural tourism, is very important for the development of the rural tourism network. The protection of stated essential elements of rural tourism is also directly related to the protection of the environmental right. This study aims to reveal this close relationship between the environmental right and rural tourism. In this framework, being investigated in case of violation of the environmental right how rural tourism is affected by it.In the study the research problem was determined in line with the basic steps of the qualitative research method and tried to answer the question: ‘’How does the violation of the environmental right affect rural tourism?’’. In this
framework firstly. literature search was done and secondly the obtained datas were interpreted by descriptive analysis method. At the end of the
study, it was determined that in case of violation of the environmental right, the natural environment will deteriorate depending on incorrect
zoning applications and environmental pollution etc. so that rural tourism will be affected negatively.




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