Evaluation of Rural Tourism Potential and Practices in Bursa

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  • Seyit UĞUZ
  • Ercan ŞİMŞEK
  • Bilal ÖLMEZ


Rural Area, Rural Development, Rural Tourism, Bursa


The low level of income in the countryside, the attractiveness of urban life and the country politics increase the migration
from the village to the city centers. This situation necessitates the improvement of rural development models which increase the
level of welfare of the rural population. Achieving economic, social and cultural development in the rural area can be realized
with holistic approaches. Rural tourism has become one of the important means of rural development in recent years. Rural
tourism is an additional field of activity under the diversification of economic activities for small scale enterprises operating
in the agricultural sector but unable to generate sufficient income and lack of competitiveness. Although rural tourism does
not generate income in a short time, it is a very important economic activity in terms of long-term contribution to the regional
economy and employment. In this study, the rural tourism potential of the enterprises established in Bursa province and rural
tourism regions was evaluated by the SWOT analysis. As a result, it is emphasized that the promotion of rural development
investments should be emphasized and related with agricultural activities, in order to create economic development and
employment at national and regional level.




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