Çiftlik Turizminin Güvenlik Açısından Değerlendirilmesi

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  • Kansu GENÇER
  • Güllü GENÇER


Agritourism, Rural Tourism, Safety


Rural tourism is a form of tourism that take place outside of cities. Agritourism is a form of rural tourism that takes place on farms and ranches. Agritourism is growing around the World. Every year, over 70 million people visit farms and ranches and almost 30 million of these visitors are children. Farms and ranches have safety risks for unfamiliar visitors, especially for children. More than 23,000 children who lived, worked or visited a farm operation get injured; more than 100 children die of agricultural injuries in The United States’ farms and ranches annually. Machines, animals, fences, wood structures and other factors have their own specific risks and precautions are needed to be taken to reduce risks. The purpose of this research is to review of literature and applications for indicating safety risks in Agritourism and present suggestions over those safety risks.




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