Sındırgı Kırsal Yerleşiminin Logosunun Akademisyenler Tarafından Değerlendirilmesi

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  • Pelin YAĞCI
  • Ahmet KÖROĞLU
  • Abidin Can AKTAŞ


Destination, rural area, rural tourism, logo, branding


Rural areas are less developed communities due to limited resources and known as where the economy depends on agriculture, the population dense is less, the natural and traditional resources are dominant. The importance of them as well the other destinations in terms of tourism can’t be ignored. So, it is possible to say that they take place in tourism competitive environment as well. The represantatives of them must participate in branding efforts to increase their awareness so as to take an interest from the competition and create their own logos by using the products emerged from the branding efforts. In light of this information, it is aimed in this study to determine the academicians’ perception in view of logo designed after branding efforts of Sındırgı. A survey form is used in order to obtain the needed data for grasping the goal. A Statistical package program is used for data analysis. In result, that the majority of participants are male is determined and that the titles of participants are mostly Assistant Professors and Reseach Assistants is seen. When the general evaluations concerning the logo are examined, it comes out that the majority of participants have negative opininons. On the other hand, the presented recommendations by participants about changing the desing of logo emerge as to use smooth colours, to change the concept, to use different font and size, and to add different values belonging to the district.




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