Dünyada ve Türkiye’de Bağcılık Turizmi

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  • Bülent Köse
  • Seyit Ali Çelik


Türkiye, dünya, bağcılık, kırsal turizm


As regions become a center of attraction for people looking for diversity, it is important to increase the diversity of tourist
products and to create alternative tourism centers. The tourism sector contributes economically, socially and culturally to the
economies of developing or developing countries with the creation of new tourism areas. One of the most important principles
of rural tourism is to ensure that the producer and the consumer are together and that the consumer is part of the production.
Rural tourism perception generally makes the monotonous life style of the people living in the built-in city meaningful. In
recent years, viticulture and wine-making tourism, which is on the agenda of rural tourism, has become a tourist activity
demanded in many countries around the world. Although Turkey is among the most important wine countries, viticulture is still
very new in terms of tourism. Viticulture tourism in our country is more developed around Cappadocia, Marmara, Thrace and
Izmir. On the other hand, the vineyard festivals, which have been organized in different provinces and district centers in recent
years, are being carried out more and more each year and contributing local tourism. Increasing such an tourism activities will
contribute to the development of our viticulture as well as to the increase of our vineyards and will be improve their economic
level of the people. The increasing agricultural production will ensure that the land and buildings that are not used in the region
become active and that the industry will grow together with traditional production (molasses, vinegar, etc.).




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