Alaşehir Bölgesinin Kırsal Turizm Potansiyelinin Değerlendirilmesi

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  • İpek Itır CAN


Alaşehir, alternative tourism, rural tourism, tourism potential


Concerns about the worlds quality of life like increasing problems about environment and also the damage of the tourism, became more popular.Instead of huge waste to the environment of tourism, living in harmony with nature and finding more sustainable solutions become more important. To escape from stresses of bussiness life and concrete structures, people became more enthusiastic about natüre and changes the
expectation of tourist.
Because of these problems new types of tourism started to occure to be alternative destination. One these alternative tourism is rural tourism. Rural tourism is a kind of tourism that depends on natural resources and close to rural places. Alaşehir is unknown place that includes great places. It is a unique place of Aegean region. To use Alaşehir’s potential in more efficient way, we must identify the facilities of Alaşehir. At this point analysing; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be important to find the route. After this research, our goal is to find better solutions and developing the potential of rural tourism applying to Alaşehir.




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