Özel Gün Tatlıları: Kültür Turizmi Açısından Önemi

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  • Yaşar SEVİMLİ
  • Ahmet Salih SÖNMEZDAĞ


Kültür Turizmi, Mutfak Kültürü, Özel Günler, Tatlı


Culture is generally described as all the items that a society has transferred to the next generation, which it creates materially and spiritually. Cultural transfer is possible with the existence of human life. For this reason, eating and drinking, which is physiological necessity, should be regarded the first of cultural element as a material item. Historically, societies have formed their own culinary culture as a result of eating and drinking. Culinary culture belonging to a society has been wondered by other societies. This curiosity; Culture tourism is based on the recognition of new cultures. In terms of potency, Turkish culinary culture has a very rich structure with diversity of Central Asia, Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic periods. Desserts in this richness also have an important position. It is difficult to find a scope where desserts do not take part in daily life. In this study, special day desserts were examined within the scope of culture tourism. The special day concept which be cultural values has been limited to as 'special day desserts' taking into consideration the cultural richness of desserts in Turkish cuisine. Turkish society has always given place to desserts on special days such as birth, death, marriage, religious. Asure, baklava, gullac, can be shown as a special day dessert. The desserts which are dealed with was seen a part of culture tourism because of their locality and using on special day. By organizing symposiums, festivals and promotion days that special day desserts within the scope of cultural tourism, making it worldly known will bring the value of our country's sweet culture and special day traditions to the value it deserves. Thus, it was aimed to increase the brand value of Turkish cuisine through cultural tourism.




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