Türk Mutfak Kültüründe Demirhindi Şerbeti ve Gastronomi Turizmine Katkısı

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Turkish Cuisine, Gastronomic Tourism Syrup, Tamarind


Syrups, which are known as traditional Turkish cuisine beverage are quite varied. In the past syrup, which is served with special glasses in the table of the palaces within the pitcher, with characters of refreshing, thirst-relieving, dinner and facilitates digestion and appetizing were drunk instead of water. In Turkish cuisine tamarind, pomegranate, licorice, cherry, cranberry, lemon, rose, honey and sour grape syrup are considered as basic drinks. Being the main component of tamarind syrup, which is subject to our study, the tamarind is a leguminous tree species originated in Africa. Grown in tropical countries like India and Egypt, this plant is also known as tamarindo. Tamarind’s syrup made with palm, sugar, honey, cardamom, cloves and coriander seeds are consumed as a refreshing drink in many parts of the world. Botanical name of the tamarind fruit of Tamarindus indica plant, leaves and seeds are used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. This plant shows a protective effect against canser and heart disease, helps digestion and relaxing effect on intestinal spasms. In this study; information about tamarind syrups which is important syrup placing in Turkish cuisine, importance, composition, the effect on health and contribution to gastronomy tourism is given.




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