Balıklı’ da Yaşatılan Somut Olmayan Kültürel Miras: Kaz Pilavı Geleneği (Elfana)

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  • Ayşe Gülnihal KAHRAMAN
  • Beşir ISLAK


Balikesir, Balıklı Village, cultural heritage, tradition


Intangible cultural heritage in the national inventory, "Social Practices, Rituals and Festivals", entering the group, at the same time. It is
basically a traditional culture element based on conversation and entertainment, which can be included in the group of "verbal expressions and
oral traditions in which the language serves as a means of conveying the intangible cultural heritage. Elfana; a historical tradition known as
traditional chat, which is given different names according to the region, is a chatting ceremony dating back to Central Asia.An inviting guest
welcoming ceremony to gather food among the traditional friends who have been forgotten in some parts of the Anatolian villages and prepare
them together in village rooms. Elfana, Balıkesir in Balıklı village "goose pilaf" tradition for centuries as a cultural chat is being held as a
meeting. Historical development of the elven in Balikesir, Balikli village, which is the subject of the study, was examined, documents were
searched about the subject and interviews were made with the room groups in the village about the tradition of elfana and the written text was
transferred. As a result of the study, proposals were made for the preservation, retention and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage in
our country and region.




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