Gastronomy Tourism And A Study On Cyprus Taste Festivals

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  • Mehmet ÇAVUŞOĞLU


Cyprus, Gastronomy, Toursm, Fair, Festival


This study identified and Cyprus in dozens of years since the flavor is being manufactured and sold in the fair and festivals
conducted a study that seeks to protect are recorded. Our study, which is part of the cultural mosaic of Cyprus gastronomy fair
and festival of taste, protection in a globalized world, be forgotten are recorded in the production and sales methods, and aims
to be passed on to future generations. Our study is the month of Cyprus is quite widespread in the last decade and all fairs and
festivals made contact with gastronomy where in the island which theme that has been made in a workspace record. In the first
part of the study, Gastronomy tourism, fairs and festivals concepts are explained. In the second part, which is organized themed
gastronomic fairs and festivals throughout Cyprus, as places are described event which will be held under the construction dates
and events. Research section, Cyprus is themed gastronomic fair is held every year and making information very special flavor
traditionally produced and sold at festivals is located. In the concluding section proposals on the protection of fair and festival
culture and gastronomic delights that are a part of Cyprus should be done to pass on to future generations is located.




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