Türkiye’de Kırsal Peyzaj Yaklaşımı ve Avrupa Ülkeleri Çerçevesinde Bir Karşılaştırma

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  • Elvan Ada
  • Doğanay Yener


Kırsal peyzaj, kırsal peyzaj stratejisi, kırsal peyzaj yaklaşımı.


In the last century, planning and implementation approaches of rural landscapes have been developed in the global framework to
cover the protection, restoration and development of rural landscape areas, in particular as rural landscape areas are threatened
by population growth and technological developments. Depending on the rise of industrial development after the Second World
War, European countries have sought different strategies within the framework of the use, conservation and sustainability of
rural areas. These approaches are shaped by the identification of elements that affect the rural landscape, the identification of
the components that make up the landscape, and the creation of plans to manage their interaction. Each European country has
a rural landscape approach developed by its social, demographic and cultural structure and landforms, land use decisions and
natural characteristics.
Taking into consideration the natural and cultural values of Turkey as well as its location on fertile Anatolian lands, the
importance of choosing and implementing the right planning methods in order to utilize the rural landscape areas in an efficient
and sustainable way is a big issue. The purpose of this study is to develop rural landscape areas, to increase the impact on rural
development and to offer an approach in rural landscape planning in order to contribute to world heritage. In this context, firstly
rural landscape has been conceptually explored in national and international scale and rural landscape and its components
are examined in national legislation. After presenting data on Turkey’s rural landscape strategy and planning approach,
examples from the countries of the Council of Europe and methods and approaches in rural landscape planning were presented




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