Kırsal Turizmde Yöresel El Sanatlarında Özgünlüğün Korunması

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Tourism, Rural tourism, Culture, Handcraft


According to current tourism concept people want to travel places which are purveying interconnection with living culture and introducing participator learning chance to each place’s special character orientated. In other words tourists don’t settle to see cultural heritage and cultural events, they want to attain authentic experiences, to join and interfere in local cultures. For this reason, rural tourism continues its rise in the world. Turkey constitutes important potential with its unexplored local and cultural values. At the head of sources which are formative local culture is local handcrafts. Handcrafts seen with different properties in each region of Anatolia, undergoes a change at the way of tourism. As handcrafts, which have importance role for making known the country, are evaluated by rural tourism, uncertificated production must be discouraged. The aim of this study is attracting attention to power of handcrafts within rural tourism and putting down it to our country’s agenda. In this study which is made by literature searching, condition of handcrafts which has important value for rural tourism in our country was undertaken and to deal with importance of handcrafts originality protection on the touristy and cultural side.




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