Gastronomi Turizmi: Tabak Prezentasyonunun Gastronomi Turizmindeki Yeri

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  • Ceyhun UÇUK


Gastronomi turizmi, tabak prezentasyonu, yemek sunumu


It is known that the contribution of gastronomic tourism to the economies of the countries has increased in recent years. With each passing day searching for new flavors becomes one of the elements that direct people to gastronomic tourism, the importance of how you eat is increasing. It is known that your meal is primarily eaten by the eye, and the foods that are not attractive to the eye reduce the desire for tasting it in person. It is possible to say that the biggest factor in the emergence of kitchen trends and innovative presentation concepts in the world is aesthetic concern. With aesthetic concerns, chefs tend to present different products with different presentation techniques and unique designs. When the activities such as presentation and presentation of food selection, taste, location selection and re-eating activities are taken into consideration, the importance of plate presentation in gastronomy tourism has been investigated by using screening method in the study and contribution has been tried to be made to the studies of establishment of plate presentation principles.




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