Türkiye’de Kırsal Turizm Konulu Lisansüstü Tez Çalışmaları Üzerine Bibliyometrik Bir İnceleme (2003-2016)

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  • Gökhan AYAZLAR


Bibliometric analysis, rural tourism, postgraduate theses, Turkey


The aim of this research is to examine the studies of postgraduate theses carried out in the field of rural tourism in the universities of Turkey in the frame of bibliometric properties. Postgraduate theses written between 2003-2016 have been evaluated. The topics related to research design, summary editing, postgraduate level, advisor title, research year, number of pages, research area, number of samples, university, institute type and rural tourism were determined as bibliometric features. Research data were obtained from the National Center for Theses of the Higher Education Council. On the web site of thesis center, ‘rustic tourism’ has been examined with the key word and the postgraduate theses which are open to access have been examined. According to research findings; It is observed that the master thesis studies done in rural tourism field in Turkey is more than thesis studies at the doctoral level. In only one of the undergraduate theses examined, the study was conducted as literature review and the others were applied in practice. Rural tourism has increased in popularity in recent years and the theses studied in this area have also increased. The vast majority of the theses are about whether or not the selected region or region is suitable for realizing rural tourism. There are also studies examining the socio-economic impacts of rural tourism and the stakeholders’ attitudes towards rural tourism, albeit few in number.




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