Health Tourism and Salt Caves: Azerbaijan in terms of my Examples Evaluation of Turkey

  • Murad Alpaslan KASALAK Akdeniz Üniversitesi Turizm Fakültesi
Keywords: Health Tourism, Salt Caves, Azerbaijan, Turkey


Health tourism is a type of alternative tourism that occurs as a result of traveling outside the places where people constantly reside and to be treated. Not only people who have lost their health, but also people who are trying to protect and improve their health benefit from health tourism. Health tourism, which occurs in order to regain their lost health or to prevent their health for a long time, is one of the reasons why people tend to travel for touristic purposes. Health tourism can be summarized briefly as travels for treatment purposes.

Salt caves are one of the therapy branches used in health tourism today. In this study Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Nakhichevan in the Republic of Salt Mountain and Tuzdağ taking into account the characteristics of the hotel sampling Turkey's Çankırı Çankırı in the province of Rock Salt cave, Tuzköy Rock Salt in Nevşehir` in Hardware and Iğdır` usage of Tuzluca Rock Salts were evaluated and suggestions to be made for the use of these caves for tourism and therapy purposes were presented.