Challenges and opportunities that the covid pandemic brings to rural tourism: A case of Trilye-Bursa

  • İsmail Bülent GÜRBÜZ Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi
Keywords: Rural tourism; Trilye; Covid; Challenges; New Trends


Rural tourism has an increasing share in the countries tourism income and significantly contributes to the rural economy. The main aim of the study is to compare pre-covid and post-covid rural tourism activities in and around Trilye District of Bursa province. In addition, to examine the challenges and opportunities that the covid pandemic brings to rural tourism through the Trilye example. The data was obtained from a structured survey conducted with 386 people who visited Trilye at least once. SPSS 23 program was also used to analyze the data obtained. The crisis in the tourism sector caused by the pandemic shows that the value is given to domestic tourists should be increased. Since the pandemic, visitors began to look more favourably on more diverse recreational alternatives, as well as a desire to spread their visits-with a desire to stay away from the crowd. Participants who preferred hotels during their pre-covid holidays stated that they would prefer places where they could stay away from the crowd, maintain social distance and spend time on their own, such as tents, glamping, caravans, hobbit houses or bungalows. Research results confirm that interest in restaurants and food stalls that sell local food products has decreased, on the other hand interest in packed home made food products produced by villagers has increased.